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Sugar is recognized for its youthful brand image of sweet, sassy and sporty contemporary footwear and cosmetics.

Sugar cosmetics will excite you with beautiful bronzers, lip gloss that taste like sugar and bold color eye shadows and liners.

The sugar shoes collection features girly, contemporary footwear for those that love a little whimsy and love to show off their own, unique, individual style. Expect casual, fun styles in an array of vintage prints and materials each equipped with a touch of humor and spunk keeping the brand fresh and delightfully unpredictable.

Don't be fooled by the namesake, sugar is equally as feisty as she is sweet, made apparent by the well known logo, the wink girl, whose sassy attitude brings a fun familiarity to the girls who have grown up with her.


photo booth

  • Seventeen Feb 2014

  • Girls Life April 2014

  • nickels

  • WWWD NOV. 2013

  • POPSTAR JAN 2014

  • showdown denim

  • Instyle Feb 2014

  • shhhhhhhh

  • Girls Life Magazine 2014

  • luxurious

  • PopStar Mag Feb 2014

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  • showdown stripe

  • work5


  • work6

    diamonds for dale

  • noah

  • work7

    fortune cookie

  • work8

    justine nautical

  • ladon

  • work9

    lifeguard on m street

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  • westyn

  • 1

    flipper in justine

  • 2

    shop sugar

  • 3

    dfd on balboa

  • 4

    peace, love & fringe

  • 5

    sugar cookies

  • zoey

  • 6

    vintage graphic boot

  • jase

  • 8

    lip glaze

  • 9

    sugar tights

  • work20

    sugar floaties

  • lunabell

  • work21

    lil morigami

  • work22

    popstar 9 13

  • work23


  • lush

  • work25

    lip habit

  • pacifico crochet

  • work27


  • work28

    sugar socks

  • work29

    asian floral

  • jemma

  • work30

    smokin cat

  • work31

    graphic boot

  • florah macrame

  • work32

    mary jane

  • work32

    handles in seventeen

  • work32

    popstar 6 13

  • work32

    seventeen tweet

  • work32

    sugar boots in justine

  • work32

    troody in justine

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    foot wear news

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    wammo boot instyle sept 12

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